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The Beauty of Maternity

Every mother remembers her pregnancy as a time full of struggles, challenges, excitement, and anticipation. Knowing you have a child growing inside you brings along intense feelings, eventually leading to that ultimate motherhood love. Capturing maternity in pictures is a challenge in that it should show the beauty of maternity (including the nice baby bump) and truly bring out the beauty of the expecting mother in such a way that she would love to go back and review her pictures when the child is all grown up.

The best time for taking maternity shots would be the 7th or the 8th month in pregnancy when the belly has that lovely full shape. It is recommended that solid-color form-fitting clothes with a little stretch be worn in order to produce more flattering images and to focus the attention on the tummy’s shape.

My lovely nieceĀ  is expecting now and she was visiting us over the Memorial weekend. So we decided to take the opportunity and do a quick maternity shoot at one of the local parks in our area. Below are a few samples from that shoot.

We had to shoot at noon time but luckily it was an overcast day and we did not have to deal with the harsh sunlight. For anyone interested in the technical info, these are shot with a Nikon D4 using 200mm f/2 and 58mm f/1.4 prime lenses, and a Profoto B1 inside a Fotodiox 60″ Octabox was used as a fill light.

Hope you like them, and as always, please feel free to leave any comments.

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